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June 26, 2018 - Walmart and NCIX No Help

What do you do when a vendor goes bankrupt and you lose your money and the hard drive that was never delivered? Neither @Walmart Rewards Mastercard nor @NCIX trustees were willing to help. Meanwhile, #LoadstoneGPS users were complaining that the Pointshare server was too slow. And, what do you know, #LoadstoneGPS is a popular app - more users buy the app every month, increasing the demand on the server. So Shawn Kirkpatrick, #LoadstoneGPS app developer, starts caching popular database downloads. This improves performance and satisfies users for the short-term. But Shawn Kirkpatrick is a long-term thinker. He puts out a call for donations. If you sympathize with this unfortunate situation, wouldn't you donate? It didn't work. But Shawn purchased the new hard drive - not as fast as the initial purchase, but way faster than the original. So #LoadstoneGPS users get their wish for better performance. And Version 1.3 will be out in a month. Blind pedestrians can now navigate happily ever after.

March 25, 2018 - Still No Action from Walmart

Loadstone app developer, Shawn Kirkpatrick, is still waiting for a "supervisor" to contact him to resolve his request for a chargeback. Watch our video that calls out both NCIX and Walmart Rewards Mastercard for robbing the blind. Support us with the hashtag #robbingtheblind.

March 6, 2018 - Latest Response from Walmart

"We have read the customer's complaint. We would like to advise you that the department you have reached is not the Walmart Mastercard department. We do not have access to Shawn's account. However, we created a file (reference # 180228-001390) and forwarded it to the appropriate team for resolution. He will be contacted for a follow up. How long it takes depends on the amount of escalations already in progress."

Still sounds like stalling to us, but we'll keep on it.

March 6, 2018 - Blind app developer, Shawn Kirkpatrick, Blasts Walmart Canada for 'stalling tactics'

Hello @Walmart, Walmart Mastercard, or whoever may be reading this message:

Direct message and posts to your Facebook page seem to be the only communication channels that provide prompt and reliable responses, so here goes:

I was asked to contact Walmart regarding a chargeback on my Walmart Mastercard. The contact number i was given was: 1-800-328-0402. Calling this number leads to an automated menu with 2 options:

1) for online shopping press 1

2) for store information and inquiries press 2.

Neither of these options would seem to apply to a chargeback on a credit card. Which option would apply? I was given an incident number 180228-001390. Assuming I could find my way through the maze of automated menus, how would I use this number?

Read full complaint: Blind App Developer Blasts Walmart.

March 5, 2018

Received the following message when we asked Walmart to call us regarding the issue of a chargeback for a product never received from recently bankrupt NCIX (Netlink Computers): "We're unable to make an outbound call. Shawn can contact us at 1-800-328-0402."

Once again, we thank Walmart Canada for their prompt responses and look forward to a positive resolution to this matter. We will contact them today.

March 1, 2018

Walmart Canada 'wants to help' blind customer - Responding to a post On their Facebook page, @Walmart Canada said on Monday that they 'want to help' #LoadstoneGPS app developer, Shawn Kirkpatrick, 'resolve the issue' of reversing the charges to his @Walmart Mastercard for a product that has, to date, not been received.

Kirkpatrick purchased a drive from @NCIX (Netlink Computers) in September 2017. To date, Kirkpatrick has not received the drive as he was told it was 'indefinitely out of stock.' Upon learning that @NCIX declared bankruptcy last week, Kirkpatrick reached out to both @NCIX and @Walmart Canada for a refund. @NCIX has not responded to his request. Originally, @Walmart Canada told Kirkpatrick over the phone there was nothing they could do because the purchase was made more than 30 days ago.

On Wednesday of this week, after requesting contact information and order details via direct message on Facebook, @Walmart has indicated they have 'forwarded the details to the appropriate team'.

Both #LoadstoneGPS app developer, Shawn Kirkpatrick, and #LoadstoneGPS Media Relations representative, Kristy Kassie, look forward to a prompt and positive resolution to this matter.


February 24, 2018

NCIX, Walmart, Denies Blind Customer Refund - #LoadstoneGPS app developer, Shawn Kirkpatrick ordered a drive from @NCIX in September 2017. Kirkpatrick, who is blind, never received the product, which he charged to his @Walmart Mastercard. @NCIX, who declared bankruptcy in 2018, refuses to respond to his multiple requests for a refund. @Walmart claims they cannot process the chargeback because the purchase was made more than 30 days ago. This leaves Kirkpatrick short of his product and over $1,800.00.


February 21, 2018

Yesterday, after hearing an Able Auctions ad on the radio, we solved the mystery of why the drive we ordered in September 2017 is indefinitely out of stock. NCIX (Netlink Computers) has gone bankrupt and has been shutting their retail locations down since July 2017. Why then, you ask, did their website accept our order? Who knows? Working on reversing the charge and purchasing the drive elsewhere. The Pointshare server for #LoadstoneGPS will triple its speed in the near future, we promise.

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