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This page will be updated with documentation, frequently asked questions and other useful information. Please check this page often and contact the webmistress if there is content you would like included on this page.


Text Tutorials

We will be transcribing our video tutorials. Here are the first two:

Getting Started with Loadstone

Loadstone GPS Help - Navigation Screen


Loadstone Tutorials on Youtube

We will be posting a series of tutorial videos on Youtube. The two most recent #LoadstoneTutorials will be posted here. A complete list of tutorials can be found on our Tutorials page.

Loadstone GPS Tutorial - Checkpoints

Loadstone GPS Tutorial - Miscellaneous Questions

Getting Started with Loadstone

You purchased Loadstone GPS from the App Store. Now what? We promise a User's Guide will be posted soon and there might even be Youtube tutorials in the near future. For now, take a look at Loadstone's Getting Started page. 

Mailing List

The primary purpose of the Loadstone mailing list is to facilitate discussion relating to the Loadstone GPS program.

It is hoped that this forum will allow potential users, existing users and developers to discuss various aspects of the program including: (but not limited to)

Usage tips
Usage testimonials
Usage comments
Program comments
program feature requests
program bugs
Point of interest (Point) and map sharing

To learn more, or to subscribe, visit the Loadstone GPS Mailing List website.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When the same question is asked by multiple users, we will post the answer on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Check this page often and email us if there is a question you would like answered.


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