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What does a Loadstone GPS translator do?

Translators log into a website where words and phrases are presented in English. Translators enter the terms in their own language. For a new translation, where none of the terms have been translated, there are around 1,400 terms. After this initial translation, it's just a matter of translating new terms as they're added.

Other translations may include app store descriptions, app policies and user guides.

Translators are also beta testers. This means they get access to beta versions of Loadstone in order to test there translations.

How do you become a Loadstone translator?

  1. Send an email request to the Loadstone app developer, identifying yourself as a potential translator.
  2. State which language you're interested in translating. (Some languages have more than one version so state which version you can translate.)
  3. Give an email address to be used as your username for the translation website.

What happens when someone becomes a translator?

Translators are subscribed to two mailing lists: the Loadstone Language list and the Loadstone Testers list. Once signed up as a translator, you will receive welcome messages from both these lists. Please check your spam folders for these messages as some email providers, particularly GMAIL, tag these messages as spam.

You will also receive a message from TestFairy, the system used to distribute beta versions of Loadstone. This message will contain a link that must be accessed using the device on which you want to run beta versions of Loadstone. Once this link is followed it will send the device ID of the device so it will be allowed to run beta versions of Loadstone.

Once a translator is signed up then translation may be done by going to the Loadstone Translation Website and logging in with the given email address.

What else do translators need to know?

All translations are done on a voluntary basis. Loadstone GPS thanks all translators and beta testers for their time and effort.

If you are signed up as a translator but do not submit any translations within a reasonable period, you will be removed from the translators list.

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